Baby number two bassinet breakdown.

OobaI've spent (some would say ridiculous amounts of) money on baby furniture in the past, like the crib we got from the Netto Collection. Sure it was expensive, but the nursery is still my favorite room in the house, and we've got at least another three years to enjoy it. I've also in the past decided to go with the more frugal option too. For a while I was really in love with the Nest high chairs from England, but with those Ikea chairs looking good (and a full decimal place and a half cheaper) I couldn't justify it.

But now this new baby is coming and I've got to figure out a place for him or her to sleep. When Madame was a newborn we just kept her in the Bugaboo bassinet and wheeled her around the house for her many naps. But she's still using her stroller, which means I need a new bassinet solution.

There are some really beautiful ones out there (two years ago all we had was Netto...), the newest being the Ooba "Nest Collection" bassinet (pictured). Sure, it's modern and will look great in my bedroom, but $500 for a piece that will only be used for two months? Not even I,  the king of conspicuous consumption, can justify it.

But everything else that I've found are these frilly, lace-laden monstrosities. Look at the bassinet page from here. Even at $70, I just can't honestly bring myself to buy something that looks like it came out of some ten year old girl's Barbie Dream Nursery fantasy.

So what's the solution? I think what I'm going to do is borrow a frilly bassinet from a friend for a couple of months. That way the baby will have a place to sleep that's comfortable and nearby, Madame will get to keep riding in the Bugaboo and I won't have to spend money on something ugly.

And we'll keep the bedroom door closed.

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