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December 03, 2004


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We just bought this high chair and it is a breeze. It is so easy to clean (being one piece of molded plastic (2 with the tray).
It is very stable, we tested it's stability with a 20lb sack of flour, and it took some serious pushing to topple it over.

For $24 (with tray), you can't beat it. We do recomend getting the tray.

You buy the tray seperately. I think it's like an extra $5 or something. We still use the high chair and it's great.

The IKEA chair looks pretty cool and it's cheap....
but no tray? How does that work?
Or not?

expecting dad

We purchased a Kettler Kombi high chair [http://www.kettlerusa.com/page19.html], figuring the functionality, style and price (about $80)made it ideal for us. One caveat: The directions are mostly in German. The Svan chair [http://www.scandinavianchild.com/demonstration.html] grows well with the child, but for the early years, it looks like a dentist's chair or a torture device (is there a difference?). It sells for about $230.

We had that same Ikea highchair for both of our boys and it outlasted some of our friends' highchair purchases. It's quite sturdy and fairly sleek.

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