I'm still here (sort of).

I hate the "hey sorry for not posting in a while" blog posts, but it's been so long I feel like I'm supposed to start off with an explanation (hell - I did miss an entire month). Maybe I should just be echoing these sentiments.

A lot has been going on in the MDD household recently, some of it not so good, but ultimately everything will be OK. My Madame is growing up faster than I ever thought she would, exploding with new words and skills every day. And just when I really thought I didn't have any time to blog, the new baby is just around the corner (in July). Though I'm guessing that will only get me motivated to blog about a whole new slew of child-rearing issues. Until I can get the time to create a more coherent post, here are some quick things I've noticed in the last month or so that are worth sharing (at least some things that I can remember here late at night):

  • Has anyone else seen this Wonder Pets show? Animated-cut-out-picture-children's-opera with a guinea pig. It's the kind of head-scratching stuff that only the dude who invented Oobi could come up with. I think it rules me, but I'm not sure yet.
  • I was all set to get Madame a big-girl-bed from notNeutral. I researched it, went to LA to talk to them about it, and generally felt all hip and in-the-know, and then that goddamn DWRjax had to go and start selling it. It's hard to be hip and in-the-know about cool kid's furniture these days. Anyway, DWR is having a 10% off sale right now that might interest you.
  • Where can I get one of those toy Dyson vacuums? I guess eBay is in my future. I did find a pretty sweet Mac Claren toy stroller that Madame loves.
  • Speaking of, I finally started selling stuff on eBay last month, and my one bit of advice is: say no to international buyers.
  • And finally, big thanks to AJ over at Thingamababy who figured out that http://moderndaydad.com (without the "www") isn't working. I'm trying to get it fixed now.