Jack's Big Music Show

Jacksbigmusicshow_1Has anyone else noticed how awesome Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin is? The show is about three puppets (Mary, Jack and his dog Mel) who have a band in a clubhouse behind Jack's house (Mel the dog plays the drums of course). They play songs, encourage kids to dance, and are visited by all kinds of non-puppet people. Some are musicians who come over to play music with them, and some are people like the "music fairy" who grants music wishes  The show kind of reminds me of the puppet/human interactions of Sesame Street (apparently two of the creators used to work on Sesame Street), combined with the wackiness of Pee Wee's Playhouse. The music is fun and playful without being annoying, and my Madame loves it (though she'll dance to anything, even the music on a freaking car commercial).

With a lot of average shows for preschoolers out there, it's great having one I don't mind sitting through.

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