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November 02, 2005


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Does anyone know if they sell and JBMS birthday stuff? My twins are turning two and they love the show. In fact it is the only show they will sit still and watch the whole thing. And I would love to have their birthday party themed this, this year. Please help.

Our family loves the show as well. My 19mth old walks in the door from day care saying "jack, jack, jack" and then runs and picks up the remote control. I was wondering if anyone knew who did the voice of Phil the coo coo Bird.

Does anyone know if they sell JBMS birthday supplies. My husband and I really want to have a JBMS birthday party theme?

We love, love, love Jack's Big Music Show! My kids started watching it since it first came on in 2005. My husband and I enjoy watching with them and have a fantastic time singing and dancing around the house with the volume all the way up. (Our neighbors must not mind since they haven't called the cops on us yet--wink,wink)

Our 8 month old daughter is in love with JBMS! I have to admit, so is the rest of the family; Mom, Dad & big brother who is 14 yrs old & of the "Barney" era. Big brother wants to learn the guitar chords for JBMS theme song to play for her. That's how I found you. We've also got every episode Tivo'd. On two tv's even! We all know all the songs & our favorites are Bongo Bird, Phil the Coo Coo bird, Scat Cat, and Laurie's Big Song. I'm so glad to see others liking this show as well. I haven't been impressed with too many of the other options right now.

We can't wait til January! Our almost 2 year old loves Jack especially the boots video! We made him a Mel cake for his 1st birthday that he loved! If anyone wants pics of it for bday ideas email me.

New Jack episodes! A whole new season of episodes will begin airing on Noggin starting in January (next month!). Also, the "lost" episode (Silly Show) from the first season will air on April Fool's Day. There is an episode guide from the first season on the Spiffy Pictures site: www.spiffypictures.com/jack.htm.

My 2 year old son absolutely loves JBMS. He doesn't sit still for anything, but he sits still for this show. It's great and it has introduced us to some really great bands like milkshake. It's entertaining enough for parents too. I love it

We are another family that loves Jack. Thanks Jennifer for the insider tip. I am hoping to buy Jack merchandise for Xmas. It always worries me when you don't see new episodes and the same episodes play over and over, not that my kids mind. There is so much junk TV, that I am happy to see Spiffy create something great! My son even says Spiffy at the end of the show.

According to Spiffy Pictures:

1) A Jack's Big Music Show CD should be coming out in stores THIS MONTH!

2) 13 New Episodes to start airing on Noggin in January, 2007

3) "Do you want "Jack's Big Music Show" to come to a clubhouse near you? If
you'd like to see a JBMS touring stage show, click on the link below and
send an e-mail to "Booking Inquiries." This company put Jack on its
website to gage interest for a touring show, and if there is a lot of
positive response, they'll bring Jack on tour.

http://awatouringservices.com/show40.asp "

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