Goodbye Being Daddy. Hello Callooh.

Where have I been? I was checking out some Dad blogs today when I realized pioneer dad-blogger Brian Cassidy has decided to stop posting to his blog Being Daddy. His reasons make a lot of sense (I can seem myself eventually reaching similar conclusions someday) but I'll still miss the posts. He always had a good combination of stuff he found on the Internet and personal stories. But all is not lost. He's keeping up the site and it's archives, and he's decided to start a new blog for kids called Callooh.

Callooh is a weblog specifically for kids with cool stuff for them to check out. The best part is it isn't just "kiddy stuff," but all kinds of interesting things. Yesterday he linked to a video of a 5th grade class performing Devo's "Whip It" (anything with Devo I'm a fan of) and he also has this link to an on-line magic trick that is, quite frankly, freaking me out. (If you know how it works, please leave a comment. I can't figure it out OK. After the fifth time I finally got it. Now I feel like a dope, but it's still a good trick -mdd). If you're looking for some cool stuff to look at with your kid on the computer, Callooh is a good place to start.