Who's your podcasting daddy?

As a SAHD who spends the vast majority of his time with a 13-month-old daughter who has a lot to say but zero vocabulary (literally), I listen to a lot of talk radio during the day. NPR, sports talk radio, Howard Stern - it doesn't matter much. Without any coworkers to talk to, I end up listening to other people talk. But one thing I haven't really checked out much is podcasts.

The other day I got an email from Cliff Knopik, co-host of a new podcast called Who's Your Daddy? asking me to check it out. Their show is a 30-45 minute talk show where they talk about their dad-lives and families and other stuff going on with them personally. They've only got 5 episodes so far and it seems like their still working out the kinks, but it's definitely worth a listen. Their website has links to the episodes, but I figured out last night that if you've got iTunes you can subscribe to their podcast (just search the music store for podcasts with the keyword "dad" and it's there).

iTunes has a few other dad podcasts out there too. Rebel Dad has done some podcasts in the past (and you can subscribe to him too), though he doesn't have any episodes available through iTunes. Now if I could only get my replacement iPod back from Apple (I had the busted battery) I'd be all set.

Check out Cliff and Aaron on Who's Your Daddy? (on any MP3 player of your choice), or check out a one minute MP3 promo of their show. [NOTE: WYD is no longer produced and these links have been removed per their request. -mdd 2-10-07]

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