News links for a Thursday.

Meet the Modern Mr. Mom [The Daily Californian via RebelDad]
This is a humor/essay piece by a college student in Berkeley about how he aspires to be a stay-at-home dad. It's interesting, because while he's not exactly right about some of it, his insights are pretty good. To wit: "When you're a nine-to-five dad, your job is to provide for the quality of life for your family. When you're a stay-at-home dad, your job is to define the quality of life for your family. What would you rather be doing?"

Science’s Hope of Two Genetic Dads [Gay City News (Where exactly is Gay City? It sounds like it might be a fun place to visit sometime.)]
Here's something to freak out right-wing anti-gay-marriage super-Christian Republicans. Scientists are looking into the possibilities of using stem cells to give children of gay dads some of the genetic material of each. I'm all for it, but isn't this just another distraction for the opponents of stem cell research to use to convince small-minded people about how "evil" it is? Which is not to say they shouldn't do it.

Grandmother fired for Katrina absences [Boston Globe]
A grandma from Kansas City decides to look after her granddaughter (who's parents had been stranded in New Orleans) instead of going to her job on an assembly line, which gets her fired. It's despicable no doubt, but it's interesting to me how many news outlets picked up this story. I'm guessing she's not the only victim of insensitive a-holes in the wake of Katrina.