What I get asked the most about.

I've bought a lot of baby stuff in the last year, and I've blogged about most of it here. A lot of the stuff is either obvious or forgettable, but certain things seem to always keep coming up, whether it's when I'm out with Madame or it's people emailing me . Anyway, it's been a while since I've written about them, so here are the top three dad/baby related things I'm asked the most about.

  • Bugaboo Frog, and the Bugaboo Frog cup holder.. This one is kind of obvious, because I'm not only one of those people who bought and are passionate about their kick-ass stroller, I also write about it on the Internet. Not many I don't get a lot of email about it, but I do get asked at least once a week by a stranger about my stroller. And Google searches for "bugaboo cup holder" have to be one of my biggest referrers.
    The requisite Bugaboo Frog post.  [September 28, 2004]
    Bugaboo cup holder. Round one.  [December 28, 2004]
    Bugaboo cup holder. Round one results.  [January 6, 2005]
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  • Zolo Kushies Stacrobats. My aunt gave Madame this toy for Christmas last year, and I get more questions via email about them than any other item. What can I say? They're soft, magnetic, fun to play with and all-around a great toy - especially because they're one of those toys that grow with the kid.
    Stacrobats. [April 19, 2005]
  • Mary Janes by Trumpette. As it turns out, socks are very important for kids. I had no idea before I had one. And apparently shoes aren't the best for young feet, as they learn to walk better in bare or stockinged feet. Socks that look like shoes? No problem. At least one out of five times I'm out with the baby and she's wearing a pair of these, someone will comment on how cute they are.
    Mary Janes.  [September 25, 2004]