News links for a Wednesday

Dads of small babies have a high death risk. [UPI via Washington Times]
A Swedish study reports that parents of children born with a low birth weight are more likely to die early of cardiovascular disease, suggesting a genetic relationship.

Hip-hop parents hide discs from the kids. [Detroit Free Press]
Just because you become a father or mother doesn't mean you still don't like listening to music that's inappropriate for your children to listen to. This is a pretty good article about the first generation of hip-hop parents trying to come to terms with the music they enjoy and want to share with their kids. My question: where's the hip-hop kid's music? Enough with the Dan Zanes and Lisa Loeb already - where's the Busta Rhymes?

British parents spend millions on designer clothes. []
UK parents spent £446 on designer clothes for their babies last year, with 12 percent saying their kids had clothes with the labels like Prada, Versace and Ralph Lauren. They make baby Prada?

The artful dodge of housework. [Christian Science Monitor]
Men still don't do as much housework as women. No big revelation there if you ask me. I'm a SAHD and believe me, I do my fair share of housework, but even so I'd say I'm about even with my wife on the amount I do. My beef is with a guy who writes a book called "The Lazy Husband: How to Get Men to Do More Parenting and Housework." It's one thing to cash in on women who are pissed at their husbands, but selling out your gender in the title is unforgivable.