Crawling to the oldies.

I mentioned a few weeks ago how puzzled I am about kid's music, and thankfully lots of people left comments with suggestions. I'm still trying out all kinds of stuff, but one thing I figured out was she loves the oldies. Actually my Dad figured it out - he was listening to the oldies station when we were visiting, and Madame immediately started shaking her rump. I'm not really a big fan of the oldies personally, but it's definitely closer to what I like than Raffi.

Then I read in Ideashak how his little girl loves Brian Wilson's Smile and the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, and a light bulb went off. What I need to do is find the oldies that I like (and that I already have) and make a play list for Madame. I'm happy to report it's working like a charm. Especially Smile - as soon as it comes on she starts singing along, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Smile by Brian Wilson. $14.99 at
Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. $9.99 at