The baby and the dog - more in common than I'd like to admit.

My sister (modern day madrina) has been temporarily been living with us the past month or so which has been really great, but the big adjustment for us is she brought her dog, a young pug named Nilla. We're not exactly what you'd call "animal people" but we're (grudgingly) getting better at it all the time. Madame of course absolutely loves the dog. She thinks it's the funniest thing she's ever seen, and there have been more than a couple freak out sessions where it's provided a welcome distraction. But now that the baby is crawling around, I find myself trying to keep her mouth off of the dog's toys, and the dog's mouth off of her toys. This led me to brainstorm all the things they have in common:

  • They both move around on the floor on all fours.
  • They both love to put stuff in their mouths and chew, including but not limited to:
    • Water bottles
    • Magazines
    • Tissues
    • Small plastic toys
    • Socks
  • They hate having their nails clipped.
  • They tend to be early risers, getting up about a half hour to an hour before anyone would really want them up.
  • They take naps daily.
  • They both want to be in the middle of whatever it is you are doing, all the time.
  • They will both pause, turn around and look at you, and then continue to do whatever it is they are doing, even though you know in your heart of hearts that they completely understood you when you told them to stop.
  • They both like having their bellies rubbed.