Post Father's Day blues.

Well, "my day" (as I was calling it all day yesterday) is over. It was great - we went out to lunch and the modern day mom was extra nice to me all day. Madame woke up at 6:00 AM (about an hour earlier than normal) so I didn't exactly get to sleep-in (even though my wife tried to let me). She did pop her her fifth tooth as a Father's Day gift, which was a nice surprise.

Then this morning we woke up to find one of our cars stolen. It was the lesser of the two autos and not that huge of a deal, but it still sucks. So most of my morning has been talking with the police and insurance companies, and not thinking up clever blog entries.

There was one thing I did hear yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning in a story about Father's Day that's worth sharing. The single day with the most long distance calls made is Mother's Day. What's the single day with the most collect calls made? Father's Day.