Leapfrog learning drum.

LearningdrumMy designs on not getting Madame any toys that play annoying songs have gone right out the window. She loves anything that plays a song or sings to her, and I'm learning to not be so annoyed. Recently she played with this Leapfrog Learning Drum which, although it's still kind of annoying, I thought was a little better than the rest. It's an electronic drum that, when you hit it, plays songs, single musical notes in a melody, or prompts kids to count or recite the alphabet. It also has a field of red led lights that light up numbers, letters and other shapes to go along with the music - kind of like an old school scrolling message board. What matters is she really enjoyed it, and it's more interactive than just pressing a button.

Leapfrog Learning Drum. $19.99 from Amazon.com

Can I also say, just for the record, what an awesome name "Leap Frog" is for a learning toys company? The guy that came up with that brand deserves a raise (if he wasn't the guy who founded the company in the first place).