Happy Father's Day.

Well, it's Father's Day weekend, and I'm happy to say it's my first. It's pretty sweet getting a new holiday and a reason for someone to make a big deal about you - kind of a bonus for doing what you're supposed to do anyway. Actually now that I think of it, I don't think I'll ever be eligible for a new holiday again. I guess I could always convert to Judaism and pick up Hanukkah or something, but I'm doubting that's going to happen anytime soon.

Anyway, usually I have to dig deep on the Internet to find news articles about dads, but not today. Everyone from CNN to your hometown rag has got some angle on dads today, including some rare articles about stay-at-home dads (of which I am one). Here are some of the stay-at-home dad items I've found:

Brian Sullivan, Stay-at-Home Dad, with Saoirse [New York Metro via Beth G.]
Nice snapshot of a SAHD who's been doing it for a while. Best quote, "...my style is a mix of over-the-hill hipster and midlife crisis." Why does that ring so true?

Daddy's home to stay [USA Today]
This is a good profile of SAHD and every-now-and-then dad blogger Michael Paranzino that was in yesterday's USA Today. If every big media piece about SAHDs was this fair, I'd be happy.

More dads want to be Mr. Mom [CNN.com]
Career Builder.com did a survey that found out that, surprise!, dads who answer Career Builder surveys care about their families. And for the one-millionth time, I hate "Mr. Mom." It's a crap term, pulled from a crap movie, used by lazy headline writers. And anyone that calls you "Mr. Mom" is insulting you. Period.

Metrosexual men happy with bouquets [Belfast Telegraph]
OK. This isn't about SAHDs, but come on. The men of Northern Ireland think it's cool to get flowers on Father's Day? Am I seriously supposed to believe that? It's like I always say, you can never trust a poll run by Interflora.

It's about time to recognize ranks of stay-at-home dads [Houston Chronicle]
I saved the best for last. This is the one I've been waiting for. L.M. Sixel writes a great piece about SAHDs, the bullshit US Census numbers, and this shocking piece of info: Americans will spend 27 percent less on Father's Day than they did on Mother's Day. Equality starts with equal gift-giving America!

Have a happy Father's Day.