Eleventh month developments.

It's been a big month. A really big month actually. Most of the things that I've been waiting for her to do for months, she's now doing - and my job gets harder and harder.

  • Crawling. This was the big one we've been waiting for. At the end of last month it she was getting close, but this month she's got it down. She actually started at my parent's house on their hardwood floors. I don't know if it was just that she didn't want to lie down on her belly on the hardwood, but whatever it was she just started crawling. It's great, but now she can get to just about anything and everything she wants to get a hold of - usually the one thing you don't want her to touch.
  • Waving. My dad has been trying to get her to do this since she was about 2 months old, and this month she figured she'd finally make him happy. The best thing is she waves at anything - strangers, pictures of people, even her reflection. In the airport she was like a little goodwill ambassador, waving at just about everyone that walked by and getting smiles and waves back from just about everyone. It made me think how funny life would be if adults just indiscriminately waved to each other for no reason.
  • Huge naps. Maybe it's because she's really active now, but she starting taking these long 2 hour naps last month. She's still sleeping through the night and going to bed around her usual hour, but she needs more sleep than she did a month a go I guess. It's great if I want to get stuff done around the house obviously, but if I want to go out with her to run an errand, we've got to plan around the Queen of Sheba's beauty rest. I know, I know. I shouldn't complain.
  • A fifth tooth and some biting. Like I've mentioned before, she popped her fifth tooth (second upper left incisor) on Father's Day, and now she's figured out that a fun game to play with mom during dinner is bite down on the spoon. Maybe it's the Gerber silicon spoon (I like to use a little bigger spoon), but Madame thinks it's hilarious, much to the annoyance of her mother.
  • Who is that? Sometimes I feel dumb making a big deal out of the simplest little things, but this one really blew me away. I had her on my lap a few weeks ago, and we were looking at pictures on the screen of my digital camera. Lots of them are of her, and on one of them I asked her, "Who is that?", not really expecting a response. She looked at me and then pointed to her belly. Woah. Fortunately my dad was a witness and we completely freaked out. I tried it again with some other pictures, and every time there was one of her, she correctly identified herself. I'm sorry, but my daughter is goddamn brilliant.