DIY wipes.

SawedwipesIt's one thing to half-ass a Bugaboo cup holder for your stroller, but this is a level of do-it-yourself that I can't even approach. Apparently some people make their own baby wipes, and one of these people use a table saw to do it. Basically  you cut a roll of paper towels in half, put them in a plastic bin with a soapy water solution and you're done. The guy who came up with it figures he gets the cost of wipes down to about 0.6 cents per wipe. The thing is, even though I wouldn't do it to save the money (especially when you can get a big box of wipes at Costco), but if I had a circular saw lying around the house I'd probably give it a try just so I'd have an excuse to use the power tool.

Actually, no I wouldn't.

Homemade Baby Wipes [via Boing Boing]