Fourth month developments.

Slow and steady wins the human race apparently. At almost four months I’ve got ababy that is (thankfully) a normal, healthy kid; and at first glance she isn’t much different than she was a few months ago. But looking back at the past month I realize she’s been knocking down developmental milestones like bulldozer. Here are her latest tricks:

  • Blowing spit bubbles
  • “The motorboat” (making that buzzing sound with her lips)
  • Laughing (only if I do something that’s particularly hilarious)
  • Sucking on her hand
  • Constantly trying to sit up (which usually results in tipping herself over)
  • Standing on her legs and supporting her weight (with balance support)
  • And in the past couple of days – grabbing stuff with her hands.

I’m also learning that you’ve got to take the good with the bad, and like I read in Daddy Types a while back, she’s regressing in some stuff too. For instance this past week she started waking up about an hour after she falls asleep at night. She kind of freaks out, cries for a minute or two, and then goes back to sleep. And she’s also getting up about an hour or two earlier than she used to in the morning, which really isn’t my best time of day.

Anyway it’s amazing, not because now she’s doing all of these things – she’s supposed to be doing these things but it’s amazing how completely psyched I am that she’s now realized that she can grab stuff and put it in her mouth (especially considering that her doing this is just going to make my job that much harder). Grabbing at stuff is a long way from a Rhodes scholarship, but when you’re 16 weeks old it seems like a pretty big deal.