Visualizer hypnotizer.

ItunesvisualizerYesterday Iwas hanging out with Madame in the office/playroom – I was organizing a play list in iTunes and she was hanging out on the play mat – when she got fussy. This is understandable, because it’s close to bottle time and that play mat thing will only hold her attention for so long. So I pick her up and put her on my lap to try to hold her off for another 10 minutes, which only lasts about 20 seconds before she begins a full-on cry. In desperation I hit the visualizer button on iTunes and bam! It was like I hit the mute button on my baby.

A common feature on a lot of media players, the iTunes visualizer is the trippy lines and shapes generated in sync with the music. I doubt the people at Apple intended this, but my baby was completely mesmerized. She even started making her quiet baby talk sounds at it. Obviously this isn’t something we’re going to do a lot together (will this turn my kid into a zombie?), but I suppose it’s another thing I can put into my bag of tricks to get the baby to calm down in a pinch. I wonder if the iPod Photo will output the visualizer to a TV?