Sling bookshelf.

SlingbookshelfAfter amonth or two on backorder, the bookshelf we ordered for Madame arrived the other day and I’m pretty happy about it. It’s the Sling Bookshelf from One Step Ahead. At only about two and a half feet tall, it’s a kid-sized bookshelf that displays the books facing outward (kind of like a magazine rack). The idea is it makes it easier for kids to choose books they want to read (or you read to them), without having to worry about messing up a regular bookshelf. I’m imagining the future task of “please put your books away” will be a lot easier for her to accomplish – and won’t discourage her from taking books out to read. I’ve seen a few others (Pottery Barn Kids specifically), but the simple look and cheaper price made this one my pick.

$59.95 from One Step Ahead