Tricky & Titch

Gorgeous_baby_shirtMDD reader Sarah sent me a link a few weeks ago to yet another online baby boutique, but this one is pretty good. Tricky & Titch describe themselves as "Fresh and modern on a smaller scale" and I have to say the designs definitely reflect that. Like pretty much every other online kid store, they sell baby clothes, bibs, hats and blankets with cute messages, but what I like is that they're not too cutesy, just really simple. There are shirts that say "big brother" or "little sister" or, my favorite, "{gorgeous}". If they made a "Monkey" t-shirt for a girl then that one would be my favorite, but I guess they figure "monkey" is more of a boy appellation. They haven't met my Madame obviously.

They're Canadian, so you'll have to figure out how much "$30 CDN" is. Though the upside is, as Sarah pointed out to me, they make the products themselves and don't just slap a design on an already pre-made shirt. And isn't that really what you want when you're paying $30 CDN?

Tricky & Titch [via Sarah - thanks]