News links for a Friday.

AOL: Dads Outspending Moms for Back to School [DMNews]
Apparently some direct marketing researchers have found that dads have budgeted more money for back to school stuff than moms. Surprise! They've figured out maybe they should be marketing to the dads too.

1 in 25 Dads May Not Be Child's Biological Father [LA Times]
This one is, I must admit, a little shocking to me. A study from Liverpool shows that 4% of men worldwide are not the biological fathers of children they believe are theirs. And (obviously) most of it is attributed to infidelity. Damn.

Parents Council slams sale of Playboy logo stationery [Ireland On-Line]
Parents in Ireland are pissed that their kids are buying spiral notebooks with the Playboy bunny. But when does a brand just become a brand and not really have much to do with what it signifies? In other words, isn't sometimes a bunny just a bunny?

'60 Minutes' Focuses on Parents Hosting Alcohol Parties for Minors [PR Newswire]
How come none of my friends had parents like this when I was growing up? But now as a dad, I realized the parents of my friends were just SANE.

Parents Accuse Snoop Dogg Of Pee Wee Football Sabotage []
Football dad Snoop Dogg decided to start his own pee wee football league in southern California, effectively destroying the existing league. Snoop Dogg Pee Wee sabotage? Sabotage you say??