Student designer update

A few months ago I asked for some feedback for a student product designer who had questions about children's luggage. At the time I asked him share his final project when he was finished, and he sent me an email yesterday about it. What he came up with is a line of adaptable luggage he calls "Evolve," and here's his description:

"Travel has never been more popular and accessible to children than in today’s society. Every child is unique.  “Evolve” luggage caters for the continued physical development and changing needs of each individual child, providing them with the chance to personalise and adapt their baggage as their traveling experiences broaden.

Evolve children's luggage adjusts to the varying travel needs of a growing child.  From the youngest age of travel when a child carries their own toys, through to older children who carry their own hand luggage and clothing, the baggage provides an easily transportable, child friendly trolley unit that expands with the addition of simple, secure modules.

Each unit can be used for varying purposes, including the child’s toys and clothing through to essential items chosen by the parent. Windows within the luggage allow the child to personalise the luggage with mementos from their travels, similar to traditional destination stickers found on old trunks, creating a storyboard of their travels."

He also sent a .pdf showing some basic illustrations of what it looks like (kind of like stackable wheeled luggage) that I've included below. He'd like to know what people think, so if you've got some feedback please post it in the comments.

I don't have much feedback personally, though I like the idea of being able to add to it as the child gets bigger. I'm not so sure about the windows allowing the child to personalize the luggage, but it would be helpful for parents to know which one had toys and which one had clothes without having to go into the luggage to find out.

Download evolve_a2.pdf