Design within kid's reach.

I was going through some email yesterday, and I noticed on an email I got from modern furniture purveyor Design Within Reach that they were going to come out soon with a line of products for kids (here's the thank you for signing up for the mailing list page, which includes a picture of one of the products). Is the modern kid's furniture revolution finally starting to take place? We have Modern Seed (which is doing a pretty good job of keeping all the modern kid's stuff in one place) and some boutique stores like Kid-O (mostly found in NYC), but that's about it.

Then I went over to DaddyTypes and, always one step ahead of me, Greg already posted an article about it, including an excerpt of an interview with Wayne L. Badovinus, CEO of DWR in Business Week. I'm not sure how soon "coming soon" is, but I'm definitely interested to see what they've got, particularly the "exclusive to DWR" items. In the mean time, if you're looking for cool modern stuff for your kid, check out: