Modern design baby blog-a-palooza.

See? I told you the kid's modern furniture revolution is taking place. To celebrate two new categories of products ("kids" and "baby"), modern furniture store Design Public is now in the second week of what they're calling their "Baby Blog-a-palooza!" It's a great idea actually - they've asked product and textile designers as well as popular parenting bloggers to write an entry about design as it pertains to children. (Apparently I wasn't popular enough to be among the "popular parenting bloggers" - even though I've been preaching the modern kid's stuff revolution for almost a year now. *tear*).

Anyway, it's definitely worth checking out. I like the posts by the designers, particularly Sophie Demenge from Oeuf, and I have to admit some of the posts by the other bloggers are really good too. It's great that people are talking about good design for kids, and it's even better that now there are more and more places to get it.

(I was going to include a list of all the the cool kid's stuff I've writen about in the past, like Blik wall decals (with a picture of part of our nursery), or my search for the perfect high chair, but then I realized I should probably just link to my Furniture/Decor category.)

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