Skinny doll or fat doll.

GododollPeople have been talking for years about the negative body image dolls like Barbie give little girls, but did anyone ask the little girls? As a sort of commentary on this debate, designer Cristina Bilsland created the GO-DO, a doll that can change it's shape based on whatever the child playing with it wants. The hollow-bodied doll is injected with some sort of liquid that changes it's shape to anything from fat to skinny.

Even though the picture kind of makes it look like the opposite of fun (do syringes and play-time ever really go hand in hand?), and I'm doubting Hasbro will be mass producing it anytime soon (though I don't think that's the point really), I'm surprised no one has thought this up before. In the real world my guess is kids would make the dolls fat, if only because none of their other toys are.

via Core77's design blog, via Boing Boing