Funkey Monkeys.

Joshua Sitron is the guy who composed the theme song, travel song and some of the other music for Dora the Explorer. It's a pretty good claim to fame if you ask me, and even though (almost) no one knows his name, kids and parents are singing his songs every day all over the country.

He emailed me the other day with a link to his new project, Funkey Monkeys. It's kind of a band/performance art thing for kids, that he describes as Seinfeld meets the Wiggles. I might describe it as Freaky Monkeys. Not freaky in a bad way, but freaky like a video of Monkey Josh and a woman singing a lullaby to a grown man in a baby outfit - "Giant Baby". My favorite thing is the radio player at the top of the site that plays an ongoing stream of his music - something good to listen to with Madame while I'm blogging. I'm starting to figure out that the trick to kids' music is that the weirder it is, the less it annoys me and the more I enjoy it. And Funkey Monkeys doesn't disappoint.

Oh, and he posted a comment in my post about the song La Cucaracha the other day, confirming that the marijuana reference in the song was indeed the reason Boots and Dora will never sing it. The Backpack however I don't think he can speak for.