The double-edged sword of the Internet.

Some days when trying to think up something to write about, I troll the Internet looking for interesting, funny or even weird dad and kid related things. Sometimes I come across great, bizarre things, and occasionally I come across something that really creeps me out.

My example for the first category - things that are completely bizarre but interesting nonetheless - is a guy I found via Boing Boing who is in the process of making one stuffed animal per day for an entire year. Boing Boing called him an "extreme crafter," and I'm sure I can't give a better description than that. Check out photos of many of his creations here (my favorite is the stuffed book of matches).

The second category - things that creep me out - doesn't actually happen all that often when looking for dad related stuff. But the other day I was looking around and I clicked a Google ads link on a dad blog (one of those "contextual" links), that took me to, the "leading supplier of Superior quality Adult Baby items" (sic). If you were also wondering what "adult baby items" are, think adult-sized snapsuits, diapers, rubber pants and even - holy crap - adult-sized cribs. I like to think of myself as a fairly liberal guy, generally leaving each person to their own bizarre fetish (as long as they're not hurting anyone else), but this seriously makes my stomach turn. Now I'm sharing it with you.

Hopefully I'll think of something better to write about tomorrow.