Dad blog roundup.

After yesterday's Internet creep-fest, I decided to check in with the dad blogs I usually read.

Daddytypes: Greg has lots of great stuff as usual, but my favorite is this short conversation between two little boys at a McDonald's that he found.

: Rebeldad is continuing his comprehensive roundup of the Father's Day articles that appeared online. (It's a lot more comprehensive than my quick roundup).

Ideashak: Paul's little girl is 5 months old already (damn that went by quick) and he's got a list of the baby stuff that's worked out the best for him (including Brian Wilson's Smile and The Beach Boy's Pet Sounds - my Madame loves the oldies too, and these are about the only oldies we can all agree on).

Metrodad: Metrodad found a pretty cool little online tool that maps all the countries you've visited. I'm a little embarrassed to say I've only been to ten. I guess I've got some more traveling to do (apparently Los Angeles doesn't count as a country).

I'm Not A Slacker!: Kevin has updated his "Dumbass Parent of the Day" column. My favorite:

Woman:"Did I do something wrong?"
Sgt. Tyler "Yes, you did."
Woman: "I don't think so."
Sgt Tyler "What about the three children you have in the trunk of the car?"

Digital Dad: DD found an interesting article about how parents are using on demand video on their cell phone to quiet misbehaving children.