Textbooks? That's so last millienium.

Ah California. The state I'm so close to, but still so far away from. Some Democrat geniuses in the state assembly there have passed a bill that will ban school districts from purchasing textbooks with more than 200 pages. The idea is, the textbooks will give students some of the information, but then there will be an appendix of WEB SITES that students should look at to finish their learning.

Let me get this straight. Just because we now have this "miracle of the Internet" we should send kids home with less learning materials and revise teaching methods that have worked since, I don't know, the ancient Greeks? And thank god every kid in California has a computer with Internet access, because if there's one thing you can trust in the world, it's the veracity of the information you find on the Internet. Who needs the clunky old books that your Grandparents used? We shouldn't be encouraging kids to actually open books - we need to encourage kids to use the Internet. Everyone knows the Internet is like freaking brussel sprouts to a kid, but the Internet is where the TRUTH is!! It's so obvious! How come California is the only state to figure this out yet??

OK. I'll stop now.

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