News links for a Tuesday.

Study warns of airbag danger to teens []
Forget about that feet-touching-the-floor business. Now you have to be at least 15 years old to sit in the front seat, because the things that are supposed to help, actually hurt. Though I suppose it will eliminate the "I called front seat" arguments that my sister and I used to have when we were kids.

Lactose intolerant!
[NY Daily  via DaddyTypes]
Those yentas on The View make jokes about how uncomfortable they feel when women breastfeed, and over a hundred beautiful, lactating moms show up on the street to show them how it's done. I probably shouldn't get so much happiness from bad press for The View, but I do.

Jilette Names Daughter Moxie CrimeFighter [Yahoo News via Waxy]
There really isn't any need to impose your own smart ass-ness permanently on your kid (or at least until she's old enough to change her name herself), but his reasoning did make me laugh so maybe it's a wash.

Fastest way of cooling a six pack
[KWC Blog]
OK. This isn't really a news article. But instead of stupid, "fathers day is coming soon so let's find a story that has something to do with dads" story like this one, write an article about something useful, like how to get my beer colder, faster.