Star Wars snapsuits. A hot topic.


[UPDATE: If you've found this page and you're looking for Star Wars baby clothes, check out the updated post:

Star Wars Clothes (Onesies, Snapsuits, T-Shirts and Hats) for Babies and Kids]

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how I couldn't find any Star Wars onesies (or snapsuits, or bodysuits, or whatever), but yesterday MDD reader Kate J tipped me to where they had some - mall store Hot Topic.

Wait a minute. Hot Topic? The same store where pre-teen kids who just discovered punk rock buy their Dead Kennedys hats? The same store where I felt old for being in there when I was 21? Well, yes. And I must admit, these were the bodysuits I was looking for. I'm kind of partial to the Princess Leia, but they've also got "Daddy's Little Ewok", "Stormpoopers" and the Darth Vader themed "Who's Your Daddy?"

Check them out at the Hot Topic on-line store. Which is more my speed really, as I think I'd still feel weird going into one at the mall. [via Kate J - thanks!]