Activity table.

LaughandlearntableThe party is over, as they say, for me and my baby. Madame is twenty times more mobile than she was two weeks ago and all she wants to do is move around, which means the days of putting her on the floor or in the corner of the couch so she can play quietly are over. She's even started to pull herself up on furniture, so we thought we'd get something to encourage her. Even though I'm pretty wary of toys that play annoying songs, after an impulse buy at Babies 'R Us we came home with the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn™ Learning Table.

The songs are indeed annoying, but she loves it. In fact she really loves it, which means the scenario where I end up listening to the seemingly never ending refrain of "La Cucaracha" is now happening in my family room every day. Fortunately the legs are removable, because it's not heavy enough to support her while she's trying to pull up on it. With the legs on all she does is end up pulling it down on top of herself, which is pretty much the opposite of encouraging her to pull up. Hopefully the legs will extend the life of the toy once she's started walking.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Table (because two "learns" are better than one). $32.99 from (Not exactly recommended, but not discouraged either.)