Holy crap is that a Mr. T onesie?

MrtonesieMDD reader Ray posted in the comments of this post a few days ago a link to another online baby boutique, Retro Baby. I've blogged about these stores before, but this one is good. Like Baby Wit used to, they've got all kinds of onesies and baby t-shirts using some of your favorite old school tv shows and celebrities. I'm obviously partial to anything related to Mr. T (it's obvious to me at least), but there are some other winners out there too. The site makes me wonder however, how do places like this use images of celebrities, movies and television shows to sell t-shirts without getting into trouble? I'm thinking it would be good to buy what you like soon before the inventory starts disappearing. I pity the fool that doesn't give Mr. T his cut.

Don't be a fool! Stay in school!
Mr. T onesie (sorry, "one piece") $16.95 at RetroBaby.com