For once, I can't even judge.

I've found that judging (and unfortunately being judgmental) of other parents, especially parents with children around the same age as mine, is pretty much impossible to avoid. I try hard to keep the attitude of "Hey whatever works for you is perfectly OK," and I do believe that to a reasonable extent, but when I'm around other parents with little kids it's hard not to compare.  All of this goes out the window however when it comes to parents of twins.

Before we were even thinking about having a baby, I kind of thought it would be cool to have twins. Getting through the difficult aspects of dealing with young children all at once sounded like a good idea. It's tough to deal with a new baby, two couldn't really be that much more difficult right? Lucky for me I wasn't able to choose. Now when I talk to friends or other people I've met recently who have young twins, it seems that what they are going through is so different I don't even have a basis for understanding. Feeding, sleeping, traveling - all the things I do every day with my baby seem to be completely new adventures if you've got twins. It's not as simple as doubling the task, though it does seem to be at least double the work. For instance, I might think I've got a great method for getting a baby to sleep, but getting two infants to sleep at the same time isn't even something I can relate to, let alone judge.

Which ultimately is a lesson I suppose I should take away with me. The next time I think to myself how I can't believe how late so-and-so lets their kids stay up at night, or how crazy so-and-so are to let their kid eat meat at three months, I should think about all the people raising twins. Because the truth is that usually, whatever works for a parent is perfectly OK.