Windows on the MoMA.

Pict0080One of the things we got to do in New York while we were there is visit the new and improved Museum of Modern Art. I have to confess that I didn't know much about the renovation, other than it was newly completed and it took a long time. But not being able to resist both an immensely popular and kid-friendly destination, we went.

The building is really pretty amazing. I remember vaguely what it used to be like from the last time I was there back in college (more days ago than I care to admit), but it's so different now it's hard to imagine how the old space even existed there. The best part are the windows - every window in every room frames whatever you are looking at in an incredible way. Either you're looking out at people in the museum (often on different levels within the building) or it seems like you're looking out at a building midtown Manhattan as if you've never seen it before. The collections and exhibitions are of course great (and the reason the museum exists in the first place I suppose) but to anyone making the visit I would definitely recommend stopping to look out of each window you can.