Time Out Kids.

TimeoutnykidsWhile I was in NYC I found the greatest thing for parents in or visiting the city - Time Out New York Kids. For those that don't know, Time Out is a weekly magazine in NYC, London and Chicago (though my sister says that it isn't very popular in Chicago) that writes about all the things going on in that particular metropolis - from art to eating to any kind of event. It's kind of like the most comprehensive living section of a newspaper you can imagine. Time Out Kids is the same thing, except it comes out every other month and focuses on stuff to do with your kids. We used it to find a restaurant in Brooklyn that would be good and also kid-friendly (we ate at Chestnut in Caroll Gardens and had a really excellent meal with Madame in a high chair right next to us).

I suppose if you're a parent in NYC you already know about it, but if you're visiting with the family any time soon, grab one at the newsstand when you get there. It's worth it for the restaurant guide alone.

Or if you live in NYC and buy it every couple of months anyway, feel free to subscribe to Time Out New York Kids.

(See? If I'd been reading Daddy Types as closely as I think I do, I'd have already known about it.)