Ninth month developments.

Nine months old is three months away from a year old and the realization that I am the father of someone who is a year old. Luckily I've got three months until that eventuality.

This month there has been a slow down in obvious developmental achievements. She seems to be getting smarter, but mostly it's just more of the same - playing, trying to talk etc. However, if I had to list the developments for the sake of a regular monthly blog entry, they would be:

  • Rolling Around. She's not crawling yet (at this point she may never - which everyone says is OK) but she's figured out that if she's playing on the floor, and she wants to get to somewhere in the room, that she can get there by rolling. Not the best, but also not the most ineffective way of getting from one place to another.
  • Clingy-ness. This one has really developed this month. Now my baby is definitely social, but it's getting to the point where she not only wants to be in the middle of things, but she's demanding it. Sometimes she'll whine the second I get up and take a couple of steps away from her. But if we're hanging out together, she's totally cool.
  • Second Tooth. Right after the first one arrived, the second started breaking through right next to it. But even though they're adjacent, my dad is still going to have to wait on the flossing lessons.