Back home.

Well, we made it back home from our east coast sojourn last night. It was an interesting trip. The beginning in Boston was incredibly perfect - from the weather to the hotel. The later part in NYC was rough - from the cutting of two new teeth to her first bout with diarrhea. Madame's just getting over her stomach bug, modern day mom and I are now in the middle of colds of our own, and we're all getting over the jet lag, so no big post today. Some quick impressions though:

  • We saw about an equal number of Bugaboos in Boston as we did in NYC, including the limited edition denim, which I'm not really that in to.
  • Changing tables in airplane bathrooms are really convenient. Change the baby and then just pivot to wash your hands and throw away the dirty diaper.
  • We saw two famous people. Owen Wilson checking out the art at MoMA, and this dude from the Apprentice waiting to get on our plane home (if he counts for famous, that is).
  • If you absolutely need to get some Pedialyte into your baby to avoid a trip to the ER and an IV, a big medicine dropper like the one in this Safety 1st Healthcare Kit is essential.

Thanks for your tips and advice. I'll write more later this week.