Eighth month developments.

Holy crap she's eight months old. She's growing like a weed (we've moved onto 12 month clothes already) and getting smarter every day. And it's all still pretty amazing. The developments this month were:

  • Clapping. I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago, but it also has to be mentioned here that my genius daughter has figured out how to clap. Now instead of just flailing her arms up and down when she's happy, she can also clap. And I can get her to clap now too, which I'm now spending a decent portion of each day trying to make her do. I wouldn't be surprised if her first word is "clap."
  • First Tooth. This one took me by surprise. A few weeks ago she wasn't really acting like herself - kind of unusually crabby - and I thought, "Maybe she's teething. Probably not, but you never know." And sure enough, she had popped her very first tooth - lower left incisor. Needless to say it was big news around the family.
  • Object Permanence. This started last month, but now it's really come into its own. If she's playing and spots something she can't have (usually the remote control) she'll immediately go for it. Last month if I got it out of her sight she would pretty much forget about it and go on to something else. But now if I put it out of her sight she knows where it is and still wants it, usually until I distract her with something else.
  • Peek-a-boo. In the past week or so, usually in the evening, she's started to play peek-a-boo with modern day mom. It goes something like this: she'll put a burp cloth over her face and we'll say "Where did Madame go?" and she'll pull it down and we'll say, "There she is!" whereupon she'll put it back over her face and start the game over again. At first I wasn't sure if she knew the cause and effect of what she's doing, but after a few sessions I'm pretty sure she does.