Brush that tooth.

InfantgumcleanerLike I mentioned yesterday, my baby's got her first tooth. And as soon as my wife mentioned it to the ladies in her office, they all asked her if we were brushing it yet. Um, brushing it? One tooth? It never occurred to us, but apparently it's something we should be doing. So we went out and bought this Gerber Tooth and Gum Cleanser, which is really just some infant toothpaste and a finger puppet rubber tooth brush/massager.

Is it helping? Who knows? I have a suspicion it's just another thing companies like Gerber sucker parents into doing that our parents never did. Even in Dr. Cohen's book he says you don't need to do any of this, that as long as you aren't giving your baby a bottle in the middle of the night their teeth shouldn't rot. But really, what says "bad parent" more than a child full of rotten teeth? So I guess for the time being it's back to the finger puppet, and I'll let her grandpa teach her how to floss once she's got some adjacent teeth.