When dogs attack! The baby swing?

Here's another news story to go along with the local-news-fear-mongering I was talking about yesterday. A MDD reader tipped me to this one from the AP: Coroner: Baby swings can trigger dog attack. At a medical examiner's convention in New Orleans, a state coroner from Maryland said there has been two deaths from dogs attacking babies in swings over a four year period, which he attributes to dogs not being able to ignore the rocking motion of the swing.

I'm no pet lover, but as far as I can tell this guy is a medical examiner, not an expert on dogs or their behavior. Dr. Conjecture blames the swing. What about the dumb-ass, negligent parents who left the pit bull alone with the baby?? Instead of rethinking the swing, maybe people should rethink the dog. It seems to me the swing is just an excuse.

But it sure does make a sensational news story - just look at all them all.