Plumbers delivering; Doctors discovering; Dads coveting.

Kind of a busy day, so I'm sort of mailing it in with a couple of quick news links.

From old pipes to new babies, this dad delivers [The Daily Oakland Press]
Plumber dad delivers his new baby boy in his living room. Insert your own "breaking water" joke in the comments.

Low birth weight diabetes link [BBC News]
Lack of fetal nourishment leads to damage of the pancreas which leads to type 2 diabetes.

Strollers lure fathers with car-like features [The State (South Carolina)]
I guess a reporter from the WSJ wrote an article recently about dads and strollers which some other newspapers picked up. My favorite part is the last paragraph:

Wechselblatt confesses that he has run his hands “surreptitiously over the fine construction” of the neighbors’ Bugaboo Frog, which is often called “the Hummer of strollers” because of its shape and big wheels. Some days, after stealing peeks at strollers on the Web, he comes home and looks at his Peg Perego “with disdain and I wonder, how can I put my child in this?” he said.

He must read Daddy Types too.