I miss the bucket already.

I finally installed Madame's new car seat yesterday and we took it out for a test drive to the grocery store. I have to say the Britax worked great - it feels really secure and she fits in there perfectly. Everything else surrounding the trip however is now slightly more complicated.

This in-between infant and toddler period is a pain. She's too little to walk (I'm afraid she's no Tiger Woods) but too big for her infant car seat. The bucket ruled - keeping the baby in one manageable container had a lot of advantages. Now I've got to figure out if she's going to rock the stroller, the shopping cart, baby bjorn or if I'm just going to pick her up an throw her on my hip. And she's still a baby, so I had to buy this NoJo Secure-Me Travel Seat so she won't be able to move around too much in the cart. Great. More baby gear. Just what I wanted to deal with.


Weaaaaaaaah! What a whiny bitch I am. If I'm complaining in another six months about how she runs around all over the place, give me a slap.

(I have to credit MDD reader Drew for the term "the bucket" which, since I read it, I haven't been able to call the infant car seat anything else.)