First father?

Happy President's Day. In my old life I usually had to work on President's Day, and the only difference was that traffic wasn't so bad on the highway. It should of made me happy, but it only really made me feel like a sucker for having to go to work while everyone else was sleeping in. Now I guess every day is like President's Day. I don't have to deal with traffic, but I definitely don't get to sleep in either.

Anyway, in honor of today I suppose, Gallup did a poll asking people who the greatest president of the United States was, and really the results are just the sort of thing that make me depressed about being an American in 2005. The winner was Ronald Reagan, with Bill Clinton coming in second and Lincoln third. THIRD? It's so stupid I can't even make a comment.

Also interesting was the other question in the poll. It asked if parents would want their kids to become president one day. Fifty-seven percent said no, while only 40 percent said they would. Personally, even though she's only 7 months old, I think Madame would make a great president. She's already the boss of me.

Greatest US President? Public Names Reagan, Clinton, Lincoln. []