I just read the latest MetroDad entry, and I realized I have to seriously update my dad blogroll in the right-hand column. I'm only going to update it with stuff I'm currently reading, though with that MetroDad post it's obvious I've got a lot of new blogs to check out. New additions are:

  • Ideashak. Paul just had his beautiful baby girl and is now, officially, a dad-blogger. I could say that's why I didn't have him in the dad blogs section before, but it wouldn't be true. I'm lazy. His blog was great before he was a dad too.
  • Defective Yeti. I just realized I don't have this one in the list.  What's the matter with me?
  • More Diapers. A new blog from a dad in my old hometown of Boston that I've been enjoying.
  • Genuine. How come when I read his blog, in my head I pronounce it "jen-you-wine" and not "genuine?" Who am I, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane? Regardless, I think it deserves the elaborate pronunciation.

Oh. And I also updated the CDs I'm listening to while I as at it.