Babies behind the wheel.

You know, why am I so concerned with getting my baby a new car seat, when I could just let her sit up front with me and steer? Apparently it's all the rage these days.

Dad who let son steer gets 9 months in jail [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel].
Spend some quality father/son time? Check. Realize you're too drunk to drive? Check. Put your six year old (and sober) son on your lap so he can steer the car instead? That gets you nine months in the hoosegow.

Mich. 4-Year-Old Does Late-Night Driving [Washington Post].
This one is unbelievable to me. Not because the the kid actually got the car a quarter of a mile to the video store, and not because the mom was stupid enough to put him on her lap and teach him how to drive (see news story above). But because this four year old knew enough to throw it into reverse and back up after he hit a parked car. If I'm the kid's dad I'm proud and horrified all at the same time.