To bib, or not to bib?

Babies spit up. Of all the gross things involved with an infant, in my opinion spit up is low on the list. But now that Madame is eating solid (well, kind of solid) foods like sweet potatoes and carrots, the color of her spit up has gone from a nice white that can be wiped away to a bright, staining orange. Not wanting her to puke all over her clothes, recently I've started to put a bib on her in the morning with the rest of her outfit.

But yesterday it occurred to me that this technique is kind of like covering your sofa in plastic so you won't ruin the sofa. Putting your little girl in a cute outfit that your friends gave her for Christmas and then putting a bib over it kind of defeats the purpose of the outfit in the first place. But then, when she spits up all over it when you're out at the store, there's really nothing to do but change the outfit.

These are the kind of ridiculous dilemmas I never expected before I became a father. I guess I gotta go buy some better looking bibs.