Fathers 4 Justice evicted.

All the time I've been writing this blog I've been avoiding writing about the UK father's rights group Fathers 4 Justice. Not that I don't think what they are doing (philosophically) is a good thing, but mostly because I don't live in the UK, and I think scaling Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman is kind of lame. But OK, OK. I give in.

Instead of climbing stuff, they've now taken to storming compounds. Protesters from Fathers 4 Justice raided the set of UK reality television show Celebrity Big Brother early this morning. (You know the show - make a bunch of celebrity strangers live in a prison house together and tape their every movement.)  They didn't get into the house, but caused a stir and, once again, got their antics in the newspaper. I can't decide if what they are doing helps or hurts their cause, but it sure is getting them exposure, which is I guess what they want after all.

Favorite quote: "[Big Brother security was] a damn sight tighter than at Buckingham Palace."

Men arrested for Big Brother raid  [BBC News]