Oh my god it's Arlo.

A few years ago my friends and I got kind of obsessed with this obscure sock-puppet show on MTV called Sifl & Olly. The genius behind it was this guy Liam Lynch. He's done other stuff since then, but most people probably know him from his song "United States of Whatever" that got some radio play about a year ago.

Anyway, his sister (who runs a pretty cool website called Jenville) had a baby boy recently (named Arlo) and Liam created a DVD for him of songs he'd written called "The Uncle Liam Show." One of the videos (a theme song for Arlo) is posted on Jenville and let me tell you, it's pretty awesome. Not to sound like a super-fan or anything, but I wish she'd post the rest, or maybe Liam would sell a kid's DVD or something. I have a feeling the rest of the songs are just as good.

Via ideashak (if you're not checking in on ideashak every now and then, you really should be).